MZKZ Giveaway 2.0 Puzzle FAQ

MZKZ Giveaway 2.0 Puzzle FAQ

What is the MiezeKatze Giveaway Puzzle?

This is a multiple-step puzzle game, which lets you choose your own path on your hunt for eight prize wallets. Each prize wallet comes with a crypto prize and the chance to influence the evolution of the game. There will be regular updates that reveal hints, highlight hidden paths, or unfold new content. Crack a wallet and control the path of the puzzle!

What can I win?

There are eight prize wallets containing fungible and non-fungible tokens, including:

  • 1 x 200 Rustbits
  • 1 x 300 Rustbits
  • 1 x 500 Rustbits
  • 1 x Aeonclipse Key
  • 1 x Oindrasdain
  • 1 x Forge Hammer
  • 1 x Age of Rust Multiverse Founders Token
  • 1 x Devastation Card
  • 16 x MZKZ tokens (controls game flow)

What do I need to play?

It is recommended to be familiar with Ethereum, Enjin and Counterparty wallets and have access to the wallet seed word lists. Like in Age of Rust, some knowledge of ciphers will be helpful, but the solutions are not specific to the Age of Rust universe.

How do I play? – “Solve a Puzzle, Crack a Wallet, Make a Choice, Repeat!”

You can find the puzzle canvas in the Age of Rust Telegram and Discord channels.

  • Solve: Have a look at the most recently updated puzzle canvas and start solving puzzles. You can play on your own, work in teams, or solve as a community.
  • Crack: Follow the path from one puzzle to the next, until you end up with seed phrases for one of the prize wallets.
  • Choose: Pick-a-path and change the game. If you are the first one to crack a wallet, then claim your prize and make a choice.  The puzzle will be updated based on your choice and new puzzle content will be revealed.
  • Repeat until the last wallet has been cracked.

How do I pick-a-path?

You‘re the first person who cracked a wallet and you’re about to sack its prize? Congratulations! But before you sweep the wallet entirely, think carefully about how you want the puzzle to proceed. Now, it‘s time to pick-a-path. There are two choices: You can either stay on the current puzzle path and see what else it offers or you can leave the current path and follow a different one.

Got it. But how do I do it?

Each wallet has been preloaded with 2 MZKZ tokens. You can take none, one, or both of them.

  • If you choose to stay on the current puzzle path, then please make sure that the MZKZ tokens leave in separate blockchain blocks.
  • If you choose to leave the current puzzle path, then please make sure that the two MZKZ tokens leave the wallet together in the same blockchain block.

What are the consequences of my pick-a-path choice?

A wallet is cleared – a choice has been made. By default, any outgoing transaction from the prize wallet will trigger a global puzzle update and unlock new content. New content will either reveal more about the current path or it will reveal new path opportunities. That means, your choice directly influences which elements of the puzzle canvas are going to be revealed next, whether a new prize opens up, and on what information the puzzle solver community can operate on in the coming weeks.

What exactly is a puzzle update?

In the beginning, only some of the puzzle canvas elements will be visible. With the available information, only one wallet of the eight will be crackable. The remaining elements will be revealed in regular updates, one-at-a-time until the entire canvas is shown and all the prizes have been claimed.

Puzzle updates can include:

  • hints (e.g., image reveals)
  • path reveals (e.g., flow chart elements become visible)
  • content (i.e., global puzzle updates based on pick-a-path)

When are the planned puzzle updates?

The puzzle begins January 18, 2019. Starting January 25, 2019, this puzzle will be updated weekly on Fridays at 15:00 GMT. The updated puzzle canvas will be posted in the Age of Rust Telegram and Discord channels.

When does the puzzle end?

The puzzle will end as soon as all prizes have been claimed or alternatively 72 hours before the Age of Rust token migration deadline. In the latter event, any unclaimed prizes will be swept by MiezeKatze and distributed to the community in future giveaway events.

Can multiple wallets be cracked in between updates?

Yes, that is possible. If multiple wallets are cracked between two updates and contradictory pick-a-path choices have been made, then the choice with the most recent timestamp will control the game‘s progress.

Is there an upper limit to the number of prize wallets a single player can crack?

Yes, 8.

Anything to keep in mind?

Sometimes, the solution to a puzzle might be useful for another puzzle.

Sometimes, it‘s helpful to revisit a path you‘ve already travelled.

Disclaimer: This is an interactive event between MiezeKatze and the Age of Rust community. MiezeKatze is not affiliated with Age of Rust or Spacepirate Games. MiezeKatze reserves the right to suspend, resume or cancel puzzle updates at any time.