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MZKZ offers a collection of interactive works that involve limited edition art and puzzle tokens for use in games across the multiverse. Some of our events include token giveaways where players can receive cryptoassets for solving puzzles through various digital media. Browse the FAQ below for details about our active, forthcoming, and archived campaigns.

Our ultra-low frequency sensors have picked up strange messages from the cosmic background radiation.
Recovered Encryptographic Dispatch
How do I redeem my free Inelio token?
Redeem your free token by creating an account at with an email and Ethereum address. Once you have created your account add the Inelio token to your cart. At checkout, enter the puzzle solution as the coupon code and press the update cart button. If you entered the correct password, then the price of 1 Inelio token will be subtracted from your total. Note: No purchase is necessary to redeem your free Inelio token. When you checkout, you won’t need to complete payment. The order will be placed within the system and flagged for manual transfer. The Inelio tokens will be transferred once all 100 have been claimed. The offer is valid for one use per MZKZ user account and Ethereum address.

MZKZ Pick-A-Path Puzzle

Pick-A-Path Giveaway Puzzle

This is a multiple-step puzzle game, which lets you choose your own path on your hunt for eight prize wallets. Each prize wallet comes with a crypto prize and the chance to influence the evolution of the game. There will be regular updates that reveal hints, highlight hidden paths, or unfold new content. Crack a wallet and control the path of the puzzle!

There are eight prize wallets containing fungible and non-fungible tokens, including:

  • 1 x 200 Rustbits
  • 1 x 300 Rustbits
  • 1 x 500 Rustbits
  • 1 x Aeonclipse Key
  • 1 x Oindrasdain
  • 1 x Forge Hammer
  • 1 x Age of Rust Multiverse Founders Token
  • 1 x Devastation Card
  • 16 x MZKZ tokens (controls game flow)

It is recommended to be familiar with Ethereum, Enjin and Counterparty wallets and have access to the wallet seed word lists. Like in Age of Rust, some knowledge of ciphers will be helpful, but the solutions are not specific to the Age of Rust universe.

  • Solve: Have a look at the most recently updated puzzle canvas and start solving puzzles. You can play on your own, work in teams, or solve as a community.
  • Crack: Follow the path from one puzzle to the next, until you end up with seed phrases for one of the prize wallets.
  • Choose: Pick-a-path and change the game. If you are the first one to crack a wallet, then claim your prize and make a choice.  The puzzle will be updated based on your choice and new puzzle content will be revealed.
  • Repeat until the last wallet has been cracked.

MZKZ Crossword Puzzle


  1. Complete the grid using the numbered clues.
  2. Unscramble the letters from the marked boxes to form a riddle using the pattern above.
  3. Post your solution to the riddle on the Age of Rust Telegram or Discord channel.
  4. The first person to post the correct answer will receive 1,000 Rustbits. Edited responses disqualified.